Why Is My Dog Itching So Much?

Dog Itching : What Are The Reasons?
dog itching Naples FLThere are three main reasons for any normal skin healthy pet to be itchy:

Dry skin
Coat in grooming need
Fleas (Defiantly)
How to deal with these reasons? Please continue reading to know.

How to Treat With Dry Skin?
Another common cause of abnormal dog itching is dry skin. It is often accompanied by excess “dandruff” or flaky skin. To help your dog, start by choosing a first-class diet for him. Diet affects overall health, including skin and coat. Some high-quality diets contain specific proportions of balanced fatty acids, which often improve the condition of the skin and reduce the dryness of the skin. In some situations, your veterinarian may recommend additional supplements with specific fatty acids in fish oil or borage oil to improve the health of your pet’s skin.

How to Treat With Grooming?
A dull, oily or uneven layer can also cause dog itching and irritation in your pet. To help with this, you should always use gentle care products to maintain the health of your pet’s skin. Also consider using a conditioner for fur. Do not bathe too much, as this can lead to severe skin dryness. In some cases a shampoo may be needed to help loosen excess skin flakes. Routine brushing and undressing of the jacket can also help.

How to Treat With Fleas?
Fleas are ideal for hiding, and it is not uncommon for an owner not to notice a flea colony in their pet until the infestation is severe. Buying a flea comb is a good way to deal with fleas. A flea comb will help you to identify the problem early and to address the problem before it becomes a major complication for your dog. You should use it every week to look if there are any fleas. Fleas can also be seen in the belly of your pet, where the coat is usually thinner and easier to see. Try to comb your dog’s skin entirely and look for fleas or dirt shavings trapped in the comb. Flea dirt looks like small pieces of black pepper, sometimes with a comma form.

What about Preparation?
Your may notice more “dandruff” for several days after grooming. During bathing and brushing, superficial flakes are often removed from the skin for a few days. Until the excess flakes are completely removed from the coat and the skin’s health is normalized.

Do You Need Any More Information?
Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health. Ask a veterinarian to answer all your questions.

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