Dental Treatment

Hire The Best Dental Treatment For Your Feline Friend


The main aim of a veterinary clinic is to free your pet from all kind of oral problems. Town & Animal Hospital Country is providing quality dental services to Naples and nearby areas. Almost at the age of four, most of the cats suffer from periodontal disease. Cats don’t show signs of oral suffering because they slowly get accustomed to dental pain. However, for this reason, it is necessary for your cats to see a veterinarian annually.


Know the symptoms of dental disease:


Common symptoms of dental problem in the cat are bad breathing. Some of the other symptoms that you may notice are eating disorder, loss of appetite, gum bleeding, nasal discharge, missing teeth, drooling, blood in saliva, pawing at the mouth and lesions in the mouth. If you notice these signs in your cat, then schedule a dental exam in Town & Animal Hospital Country to get the best hospitalization.


Look at the dental diseases cats suffer from –


  • Periodontal disease
  • Plaque build-up
  • Ulcers
  • Tooth loss
  • Gingivitis
  • liver, heart, and kidney diseases
  • Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions (FORL)


Treatments for dental issue:


Town & Animal Hospital Country has an efficient and experienced Veterinarian to treat your cat’s dental issue. Our services include comprehensive oral exam, full mouth X-rays, thorough dental cleaning, tooth extractions and recommending of the basic care need at home.

Our experienced Veterinarian in Town & Animal Hospital Country will first check your cat from nose till tail and find out the major problems.  We have Veterinarian not only for the dental problem but also Obesity, Kidney, Diabetes and many others. Schedule your appointment for a possible painless and comfortable treatment for your pet.