Arthritis Treatment

Are you looking for an efficient way to save your cat from arthritis?


Irrespective of what is believed arthritis is a disease that is not only limited to humans and dogs but affects cats as well.  Just like humans, arthritis in cat becomes a common symptom with age.  However, at Town & Animal Hospital Country we understand how important a pet is to the family and therefore, provide the best arthritis treatment for cats at affordable prices.

If you have cats suffering from terrible arthritis pain, schedule an appointment with our professional at Town & Animal Hospital Country, and we will provide the best help with your feline needs.


What are the symptoms of arthritis in a cat?


  • Stiffness after exercise
  • Limited movement
  • Joint swelling
  • Wasting away of muscle


What are the benefits of arthritis treatment?


  • Repair cartilage- dietary supplements like glucosamine is an effective option to reduce arthritis in the cat while repairing cartilage at the same time. For more information, call our professionals.
  • Joint inflammation- At Town & Animal Hospital Country we are equipped with modern medicines like Adequan, to help your feline with joint inflammation.
  • Better Health – We at Town & Animal Hospital Country aim for the betterment of your pet through our modernized arthritis treatment.


Other treatments offered by Us



If as an owner you notice your feline suffering from any of the above diseases, schedule an immediate appointment with Town & Animal Hospital Country.


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At Town & Animal Hospital Country we ensure every feline has a good life.

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