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Flea and Tick Prevention and Protection

Don’t Lose the Battle Against Fleas and Ticks in Naples
The scourge of fleas and ticks are two of the biggest problems that Collier County pets and pet owners face. So how do you beat these parasites and provide flea and tick prevention and protection for your pets.

Fleas are perhaps the biggest nemesis your dog or cat has. A single flea in one day can bite a dog or a cat 400 times, consume twice it’s weight in your pet’s blood and cause disease and skin problems. Fleas can lay hundreds of eggs at a time and very quickly a few fleas can become a few hundred, causing great stress and irritation to your pet and your household.

Pets who constantly scratch to get rid of fleas can cause permanent hair loss or other skin irritations, some fleas can also cause flea allergy dermatitis…an allergic reaction to proteins and flea saliva. In addition, fleas can give your pet a tapeworm, cause anemia and in rare cases, even death.

Fleas can be controlled much more easily if you take prevention measures before things get out of control. In most cases, newer “spot ons”, liquid drops placed between your pet’s shoulder blades, are effective in preventing and eliminating fleas. These products kill adult fleas, and some also prevent flea eggs from hatching and kill adult larvae. Oral medications are also available. Your veterinarian can advise you on which preventive product or combination of products is best for your pet.

If you are using a preventive product and are continuing to see fleas, then your problem is much more serious. You have an infestation. Managing an established flea problem in your home is not an easy feat and requires thorough treatment of your pet, your home and your yard.

Unfortunately, fleas are not your pet’s only nemesis. Tick bites can give your pet such infections as lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and ticks can give those same infections to you.

About 200 species of ticks live in the United States. Some species are extremely difficult to eliminate once they have been introduced into your home. Although not nearly as numerous as fleas, ticks do tend to gather in clusters. If you see a tick on your pet, use fine point tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible. Pull gently. Avoid squeezing the body of the tick, clean the site of the bite, your hands and the tweezers with disinfectant.

Conveniently, many of the products recommended for flea prevention, are also effective against ticks. Work with your veterinarian to devise the most effective, preventive regimen against fleas and ticks in Tulsa for your pet.

One of the most successful ways to keep ticks off of dogs is with a Preventic collar. The collar kills ticks by interfering with the tick’s ability to feed on dogs. It contains the insecticide amitraz, which paralyzes the tick’s mouth parts. Amitraz should not be used on dogs that are sickly, pregnant, nursing or with certain drugs that may interact with the insecticide. The manufacturer Verbac Corporation, Ft. Worth, Texas sells the collar through veterinarians who can insure that a dog is healthy and can use the collar safely.

Read the Labels on Flea and Tick Prevention Products
It is very important that you read the label and follow the instructions when using any flea or tick product. Don’t use products meant for dogs on your cat and vice versa. If used correctly and regularly, preventive products can keep your dog or cat safely protected from these menacing parasites.

Quick, decisive action and a good regimen recommended by your veterinarian is the best defense against fleas and ticks in Naples.