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Animal Hospital Naples FL
Town and Country Animal Hospital
1828 Santa Barbara Blvd.
Naples, FL 34116
(239) 353-5060
Hours: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Mon-Fri
Hours: 7:30 am to noon Sat
After hours emergencies are referred to Emergency Pet Hospital of Collier County
Call (239) 263-8010
We believe in regular annual physical and dental exams. Prevention and early detection improves and extends the quality of your pet’s life.

veterinarians Naples FL


We want to be your veterinarians. Welcome to Town and Country Animal Hospital. We have been continuously providing small animal veterinary care at our animal clinic in it’s current location in Collier County and Naples, FL since 1990.

Our Veterinarians

The veterinarians and our highly experienced team of support staff  at our  pet hospital are committed to medical excellence, knowledgeable and empathetic client communication and compassionate care for your companion pets. We take the time to help our clients understand and deal with issues affecting the health and well being of their beloved companions throughout all stages of their lives.

Our Animal Hospital

Town & Country Animal Hospital provides a full range of in-house veterinary services, medical, surgical, radiology, dermatology, ultrasound, vaccinations and dental services including dog teeth cleaning and cat teeth cleaning employing the latest medical technologies. We refer and arrange for clients to consult with specialists when needed and provide after hours care through the Collier County emergency animal hospital.  We are here when you need someone to watch your pets while you are away and offer cat boarding and dog boarding.  We have a on-site laboratory to do speedy blood work analysis and a  fully stocked pharmacy.

We can also provide expert consultation on pet behavior, nutrition, parasite prevention (fleas, ticks, heartworm) and senior pet wellness.

Accredited AAHA Animal Hospital

We are an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited animal hospital. One of only a handful located in Southwest Florida. AAHA sets the standard for high quality veterinary care and less than 15% of all veterinary hospitals across the United States and Canada have met their requirements for accreditation.  We are also member of our local AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association).

We invite you to browse through our blog and the other informative sections of our website and immediately contact us by telephone (239) 353-5060 when you pet needs a vet and to arrange for an appointment.

If you have a pet emergency

Contact us immediately!  Time may be the most crucial element to your pet’s well-being, so even if you are not sure if it an emergency situation, call don’t wait.  If you have an emergency after hours, call Emergency Pet Hospital of Collier County at (239) 263-8010.

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