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Town and Country Animal Hospital
1828 Santa Barbara Blvd.
Naples, FL 34116
(239) 353-5060
Hours: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Mon-Fri
Hours: 7:30 am to noon Sat
After hours emergencies are referred to Emergency Pet Hospital of Collier County
Call (239) 263-8010
We believe in regular annual physical and dental exams. Prevention and early detection improves and extends the quality of your pet’s life.

veterinarians Naples FL


We welcome you to Town and Country Animal Hospital. We have been continuously providing small animal veterinary care at our current location since 1990.

The veterinarians and our highly experienced team of support staff  at our  animal hospital are committed to medical excellence, knowledgeable and empathetic client communication and compassionate care for your companion pets. We take the time to help our clients understand and deal with issues affecting the health and well being of their beloved companions throughout all stages of their lives.

Town & Country Animal Hospital provides a full range of in-house veterinary services, medical, surgical and dental services employing the latest medical technologies. We refer and arrange for clients to consult with specialists when needed.

We are an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited animal hospital. One of only a handful located in Southwest Florida. AAHA sets the standard for high quality veterinary care and less than 15% of all animal hospitals across the United States and Canada have met their requirements for accreditation.

We invite you to browse through the other informative sections of our website and immediately contact us by telephone (239) 353-5060 or email to arrange for an appointment.

veterinarians Naples FL

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kitten vaccinations Naples FL veterinarians

Kitten Vaccinations

Vaccines have actually been an essential part of preventive health care programs for a number of decades. No other medical development has actually been as successful as vaccination in controlling deadly diseases in dogs and cats. The article below explains the need for vaccines whether your cat is indoors or outdoors and describe the two types […]

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dog with upset stomach - Naples FL veterinarian

What to do When Your Dog Has an Upset Stomach – Naples FL Veterinarian

Dogs like to explore and get into things and sometimes that curiosity can get them into trouble and give them an upset stomach. It is always a good idea to check with your Naples veterinarian before trying any home remedies, but sometimes that may not be so convenient.  The article below has some good tips on […]

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dog stroke animal hospital Naples FL

Learn About Strokes in Dogs – Animal Hospital Naples FL

The American Animal Hospital Association offers excellent information for pet owners on a wide variety of subjects. The article below has very important information about strokes in dogs and understanding the different types of strokes and their signs.  As an accredited AAHA Animal Hospital we highly recommend the Pets Matter Newsletter put out by the […]

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Dog behavior -eating grass

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Dog Behavior – Why do my dogs eat grass? This one of the most typical questions of dog behavior that their owners ask about. Here you will certainly discover some of the most common reasons canines eat grass. All canines wild or domestic eat grass, this includes wolves, dingoes, coyotes and of course our pet dogs. […]

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Naples FL AAHA Accredited Hospital

Veterinary Surgery Naples FL – Town & Country Animal Hospital

Just like any other health care fields providing professional care for everyone, veterinarians can now also be specialized in various disciplines such as veterinary surgery, internal medicine, radiology, anesthesiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology and oncology. If your pet develops an injury or a problem which requires advanced pet care and procedures, your vet may need to […]

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dog and cat diabetes

Naples Veterinarians | Signs of Diabetes in Your Dog or Cat

Some diseases are very insidious and tend to become “full blown” before we are aware there is a problem. Diabetes Mellitus is one of those diseases in both humans and our pets. This is a bad one when neglected, but if early diagnosis is made and treatment is started this disease can usually be controlled […]

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Tulsa veterinary dental

Naples Veterinary Dental Care for Senior Cats

It most likely doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that an elderly cat has needs that are different than those of a young cat. However how do you know when your cat is a senior? Naturally, cats with ages 7-10 years will be thought to be seniors. With increasing age, changes in the body take place too. Without […]

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Naples FL senior pet care

Why Adopt a Senior Pet? | Naples Senior Pet Health Care

This November, why not consider adding a senior pet to the family? Most people would walk into a pet shelter in Naples hoping to adopt a new kitten or puppy, while almost 99% tend to overlook the idea of adopting older cats and dogs. This National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, it is strongly advised […]

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laser therapy Naples veterinarian

Class IV Laser Therapy for Pets by Naples Animal Hospital

Town and Country Animal Hospital in Naples, Florida is pleased to provide class IV laser treatment to our clients as a reliable treatment for many causes of chronic and acute pain swelling and injury recovery. Laser therapy can be used in addition to other types of treatments and is a drug-free, non-surgical means of providing pain […]

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Depositphotos_26433145_l (1)

Naples Veterinary Preventative Health Care Tips For Dogs

Remember Annual Naples Veterinary Visits We are well aware that a yearly Naples veterinary visit is essential, right? What you may not know is that the best way to protect your pet from illnesses is through preventative health care.  At Town & Country Animal Hospital, we help to bring some preventative measures to keep your dog’s health on track. […]

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