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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

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Dog Behavior – Why do my dogs eat grass?

This one of the most typical questions of dog behavior that their owners ask about. Here you will certainly discover some of the most common reasons canines eat grass.

Dog behavior -eating grassAll canines wild or domestic eat grass, this includes wolves, dingoes, coyotes and of course our pet dogs. Eating grass is perfectly normal behavior and dogs have been doing this for thousands of years. A nursing mother’s grass eating traits can even influence similar behavior in her puppies according to a March 2009 article from the Journal of Veterinary Behavior.

So why do dogs eat grass?


There are 2 answers to this concern that you need to understand; 1). Pets eat grass so they can purge their system or vomit and 2). pet dogs prefer to eat grass.

Let’s look at the first response, why do pet dogs wish to make themselves vomit?

Sometimes dogs voluntarily eat large quantities of grass when they have a gastrointestinal problem. They seek a compound to mechanically irritate the lining of their belly to induce throwing up. Canines eat large quantities of grass when they feel queasiness, gas, bloating, are handling virus or bacteria, or they may have simply consumed something that they ought to not have. Upon eating these big quantities of grass they will certainly quickly throw up.

They will exhibit typically frantic behavior to get outdoors to eat the grass and begin eating non-selectively, large amounts of grass once they are outside. This is since your dog is trying to rid themselves of something that is hazardous or at least making them not feel well.

This irregular behavior is not generally anything to fret about, if your canine, nevertheless, is doing this on a consistent basis, then you have to take a look at the most likely option, changing their diet plan. Your canine is probably attempting to compensate for a malnutrition. Consult your veterinarian and find a new diet plan that might be best for your animal. Some owners attain success in hindering their pet’s grass grazing by adding fresh, green. and or fibrous vegetables or fruits to the diet. Even if your dog has actually been on the exact same food for several years, they may need a modification in diet as their bodies and nutritional requirements change in time.

Why do pet dogs delight in eating grass?

This behavior is fairly different from the very first habits. Here your dog will often be rather selective, often selecting the highest grasses or certain lawns and enjoying much smaller quantities. Your pet dog is not frantic and will normally select a few grasses and tackle his way. Canines understand exactly what they have to eat and maybe your pet dog is seeking nutrients or fiber that he may require.

It is completely OK to let your pet dog eat small quantities of this grass in this way, as long as the grass is not being treated with chemicals, contaminants or insecticides.

Some pet dogs will also eat grass due to boredom and absence of stimulation. In these cases, typically the pet is confined to a yard or a particular environment and looks for stimulation by eating various things in the environment. This is called pica, a clinical condition characterized by a cravings for substances mainly non-nutritive. This habits can typically be modified by providing your pet dog more companionship and having numerous chew toys available.

Eating and chewing on grass is just something canines do. As animal owners we need to monitor their behavior and make sure any grass being consumed is safe to eat.




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