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Veterinary Services

We provide many veterinary services for at our small animal practice including those highlighted below.

Appointments (emergencies)

veterinary services Naples FLCall us at 239-353-5060 for an immediate appointment during our regular clinic hours in the event of any extra-ordinary concerns or pet emergencies. We are always prepared to accommodate such needs immediately. In the event of emergencies outside of our regular clinic hours, please call 239-263-8010.



We employ appropriate up to date anesthetics to maximize patient comfort, lower anesthetic risk and promote faster recovery. Pre-anesthetic blood testing is recommended prior to the use of any anesthetics, especially for older and other high risk patients. Up to date technology is employed to monitor vital signs throughout all anesthetic procedures.


Annual Senior Pet Wellness Examinations

senior pet wellness NaplesWe highly recommend regular annual comprehensive physical and dental examinations for your pet. This is especially important as pets grow older taking into account that one year in our lives equates to about seven years in an animal’s life span. These senior pet care examinations frequently identify previously un-recognized latent medical problems and sometimes enable us to begin treatments before diseases progress to advanced stages. These examinations also enable us to establish diagnostic base lines that can then be tracked as senior pets advance in age.


Behavioral Counseling

Behavioral problems are the number one reason that pets are relinquished. The doctors can address your concerns, discuss a behavioral modification plan and when appropriate prescribe medications to decrease your pet’s anxiety levels.



Dog boarding Naples, FLLet us take care of you pets while you are away. Our dog boarding facility can accommodate small and large breed dogs. We offer separate cat boarding facilities for your feline companions as well. Boarding reservations may be scheduled by telephone (239-353-5060) or email(click).

It is our practice to conduct an oral examination on every pet while they are boarding with us. There is no charge for these examinations. Whenever periodontal or other oral pathologies are identified, clients are notified and the matter discussed with them by telephone or at a mutually convenient time.


Dentistry – Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning

Preventing dental disease through regular brushing at home and promptly attending to dental pathologies is important because it eliminates severe pain and significantly improves the quality of a pet’s life. The unattended progression of dental diseases can have serious irreversible health consequences and even hasten death.

Veterinary dentistry is in the mainstream of our practice. We employ dental digital radiography, high speed ultrasonic teeth cleaning and polishing equipment and have the capabilities to address routine hygienic prophylaxes , cleanings, both simple and complicated surgical extractions and the treatment of periodontal diseases.


Dermatology (Allergy and Skin Care)

pet dermatology Naples, FLThere can be many reasons why your pet is itching and scratching – from fleas and food to environmental molds and pollens.  Diagnosing and treating the cause of your pet’s skin problems is the key to a successful outcome. We carry and can recommend suitable flea and tick prevention, as well as other skin products for your pets.




General Surgery

Our animal hospital is equipped to perform a broad range of surgeries using the latest in anesthetic protocols monitoring devices and pain medications to promote safety and well being both during and after the surgery.


Heartworm Prevention

Due to a year round mosquito population in Florida monthly heartworm prevention is a must for both dogs and cats. We carry several different heartworm preventatives to meet your pet’s needs. Yearly heartworm tests are also strongly recommended. Preventative medicine re-fills may be ordered by telephone (239-353-5060) or on-line.

Click here to learn more about Heartworm Disease and Prevention.


Laser Therapy

pet laser therapy Naples, FLWe are happy to offer at our veterinary hospital laser therapy which provides a non-invasive, drug free approach to pain management, wound healing and rehabilitation for those pet’s with arthritic conditions. This class IV cold laser increases circulation and reduces pain and inflammation by stimulating an endorphin release. The typical therapy session requires about forty-five minutes. Treatments are absolutely painless and the effects cumulative. Many clients often elect to stay with their pets throughout the entire session. Frequency of treatments is determined by discernible progress.



A microchip provides a permanent source of identification for your pet should it become lost or run away. The procedure is economic, essentially painless and quick.



We carry a wide range of quality pet foods, including prescription diets, and recommend appropriate food selections based on your pet’s specific needs –from the overweight dog to the diabetic cat.  We are happy to provide you with nutritional counseling for your pets.


On-Site Laboratory and Diagnostics

Blood analyses equipment in our hospital allows us to diagnose and immediately treat when time is critical. We have an on-site radiology endoscope, as well as other imagery veterinary services, and an in-house medical laboratory that can help you get the results you need without further delay.



veterinary pharmacy Naples, FLA fully stocked pharmacy allows us to send you out the door with the veterinarian prescribed medications that your pet needs. For refills, call us (239-353-5060) or order on-line so we can have your pet’s medications ready for you to pick up at your convenience. We are also able to mail prescription refills.



Preventve Medicine

Regularly scheduled physical examinations are important in the early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases. Yearly exams are a very important part of an overall pet healthcare plan. Did you know that having your pet examined by the vet once a year is equivalent to a human seeing the doctor every seven years?



We employ digital x-ray technology, including a separate dedicated system for identifying dental pathologies. The two digital systems enable us to produce x-ray images within seconds. Those digital images are evaluated through the use of state-of-the-art computer technology to facilitate timely diagnosis and treatment.


Spay and Neuter Veterinary Services

We perform ovariohysterectomy (spay) and castration (neuter) on dogs and catsIt is an important decision for the owners to get their pets spay or neutered, but it is one of the best decisions which you can make for the long term welfare of your pet. For more information on spaying and neutering your pets click here.


Tele-Medicine Diagnostics and Specialist Consultation

Our digital radiology systems give us the capability to electronically transmit x-ray images to Board Certified Specialists for further evaluation and recommendations by way of electronic reports which are typically received within an hour.



We have on site ultrasound capability through a working arrangement with a Board Certified Specialist.


Vaccine Programs

We assess your pet’s risk of exposure to diseases and develop a vaccine protocol that meets their specific needs. We offer three year pet vaccination programs when appropriate.