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Semen Management

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Dr. Deirdre Carver-Raffa, a board certified Theriogenologist, is recognized by the Zoetis Corporation as an approved semen freezing center at the Town and Country Animal Hospital in Naples, Florida.

Dr. Carver-Raffa has the proven capabilities to run the entire semen management process from on-site collection through computer assisted sperm analysis (CASA), chilling, freezing, DNA testing, on-site temporary storage, off-site long term storage and safe shipment to any destination in the world.

She employs state-of-the-art computer assisted sperm analysis (CASA), semen processing, digital x-ray, ultrasound and rigid endoscopic technologies within a fully equipped reproductive laboratory.

Many breeders employ the storage of frozen semen to facilitate-

  • Preservation of valuable genetics beyond the life of an animal
  • Availability of semen for insemination even though the stud is physically unavailable
  • Access genetic material even after an animal is sold
  • Breeding at optimum times
  • Access to a wide genetic pool over long distances within the United States and internationally