Dog’s Anal Glands: Everything You Need To Know About How to Care

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Unhealthy anal glands in your dog can be a real pain in the butt, for both you and your dog. When your dog is suffering with a problem in that region, the pain and discomfort can be considerable. It is particularly a problem in dog's anal glands Naples FLsmall dogs, but unfortunately, it is common amongst all dogs. For a number of reasons, your dog’s anal glands can become clogged or impacted, infections can then develop, and abscesses can occur. As an owner you may have to put up with a foul smell, but your dog may have to put up with severe pain and possibly surgery. We will look at the warning signs of impacted anal glands and abscesses, plus advise how you can prevent any problems and care for them in general.  

Warning signs of impacted anal glands and abscesses

When your dog fails to empty their anal glands properly they run the risk of impaction. Impaction occurs from blockage between the gland and the opening. It often comes about from several days of diarrhea and soft stools. Vets warn of the risk impacted anal glands pose, for prolonged impaction and swelling can cause nasty infections, fever, and abscesses and the condition may require surgery to relieve. If your dog has an anal abscess you should see a large, swollen area around the rectum, full of pus. If it has ruptured you will see a visible tear in the abscess. If your dog is ‘scooting’ (rubbing itself along the ground to scratch the area), licking, and paying that area more attention than usual, and if a foul smell is coming from that region, your dog may be suffering with anal gland issues.  

How you can treat impacted anal glands and abscesses

Fortunately there are several things you can do from home to help care for your dog’s anal glands (if you’re feeling brave enough). If the dog’s glands have become impacted, you can clean them out. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, a vet can give you advice or do it for you. 

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