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Dog Ear Care

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Tips for Proper Dog Ear Care

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Dog ear care is just as crucial as any other element of dog healthcare. Ear infections in dogs is a common issue, but by setting aside a couple of more minutes after each grooming session you might be able to minimize the chances of your dog having this condition.

Some types of dogs are a lot more vulnerable to ear issues than others. Those with dangling ears such as Bassets, Bloodhounds and Spaniels are especially susceptible. As are dogs with excessively hairy inner ear flaps. But all dogs need their ears routinely inspected, and as a preventive measure, cleaned.

Reasons for Dog Ear Infections

Ear mites top the list, however the warmth and moistness of the inner ear will also provide the perfect environment for the multiplication of germs and a kind of yeast which lead to ear infections. Foreign bodies such as the ubiquitous yard seed, fungus, and a generalized build up of ear wax can create their own types of problems.

Indications of a Ear Infection

Your pet will typically show his pain by extreme ear scratching, by dragging his ears along the ground, and frequently shaking his head. Apparent indications of swelling can sometimes be seen, and sometimes a black or yellowish discharge is observable generally accompanied by a clearly offending odor. Ear infections cause the sufferer a great deal of pain, and if your pet is showing any of these signs take him to see your vet quickly. Treatment of ear infections are often fast, simple, and effective.

Care of Your Canine’s Ears

Avoidance is the watchword of all pet healthcare, and looking after a canine’s ears has its own set of preventative procedures. Get yourself and your dog used to ear examinations right from an early age. After every grooming session simply lift up the ear flap and look for any signs of inflammation, and at the same time you should be able to spot whether there is any smell originating from the ears that may elevate your suspicion.

Purchase a great, veterinarian suggested, ear cleaner. The directions may vary but normally take the form of taking a steady hold of your pet, spraying the recommended amount of cleaner into the ear canal, then rubbing the ears for about 30 seconds to disperse the cleaner. You then merely clean around the outer ear with some cotton wool. This kind of application will keep the ear canals open and free from the develop of wax and other undesirables. It’s an easy, quick and trusted way of caring for your dogs ears.

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