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Cat Boarding at Your Local Veterinarian

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Many times people need to go on a vacation, a business trip, or have a household emergency and have to discover somebody to look after their animal(s). It is not constantly as simple as simply taking the pet to a relative’s house or having a next-door neighbor drop in. There are many other possibilities When you require someone to care for your cat while you are away consider your local vet.

Cat Boarding at Veterinary Clinics

cat boardingSome veterinary clinics will certainly offer cat boarding. This might be a perfect situation, particularly if your cat has a particular medical condition, such as diabetes, that requires medication. Boarding kennels and veterinary clinics have been a mainstay of the pet hotel business for generations, but if you haven’t looked into them lately, you might be shocked by what you’ll find. In most clinics cats have an area separate from dogs. Your cat can have her own space at a place she already knows.

Make a consultation and have a tour of the cat boarding facility and talk with the staff. Find out:

  • Exactly what are the sizes of the cat rooms?
  • Do they have solid partitions between them?
  • Are the cages clean and devoid of excrement? Does the kennel location smell?
  • How are the cages, dishes, (and litter boxes) cleaned, and with what?
  • How are the cages cleaned in between boarders?
  • Will they wash your cat if he ends up being soiled with urine or excrement?
  • What is the routine feeding schedule, and can it be adjusted if your cat has unique needs?
  • Can you bring the cat’s everyday food?
  • Who really deals with the animals?
  • Exactly what are their rop off and pick up hours?
  • What if your return is postponed?
  • Which vaccinations are required, and which are suggested?
  • Are vaccinations that you administered acceptable or do they have to be given by a vet?
  • Do they require screening for certain illness such as feline leukemia (FeLV)?
  • Are there strong partitions in between the felines, and are the cages far enough far from each other to prevent close contact between cats?
  • Is there a time you can call to look in on how your cat is doing?
  • Exactly what are their security provisions? Do the cages have good latches?

No matter the veterinary clinic / kennel you decide on, make reservations far ahead of time, if possible. Many facilities are completely booked 4 to 6 months beforehand for times such as Christmas or spring break. If you are taking your cat far from house for boarding, ask if you can bring a cat bed, toys, or your sweatshirt to put in with the pet. This may make the time far from house less demanding for your cat. Knowing your animal is in excellent hands and being well-cared for will certainly make your journey less demanding for you.

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