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Why Adopt a Senior Pet? | Naples Senior Pet Health Care

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This November, why not consider adding a senior pet to the family?

Naples FL senior pet careMost people would walk into a pet shelter in Naples hoping to adopt a new kitten or puppy, while almost 99% tend to overlook the idea of adopting older cats and dogs. This National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, it is strongly advised that all pet owner wannabes consider the idea of adopting a senior cat or dog.

According to research made by, the most difficult group of homeless pets are older cats and dogs. It is the senior pets who spend the longest time in a shelter or rescue patiently and eagerly waiting for someone to adopt them and give them their forever home. If you think owning an older pet will give you nothing but challenge and difficulties to your house, you better think twice. Below are some of the reasons why you should adopt a senior pet and why they are better pet than young ones.

  • Older pets are usually already housetrained, since they have often come to the shelter after years of living in a home. Young pets need to spend amounts of time training before they get to learn business outdoors or basic household commands. Plus, senior pet’s low key nature is ideal for households with children.
  • You are saving a life. Just like other young pets, senior pets also need love and compassion which they can in turn give back the same love and compassion they will receive from you. Not only that, studies have shown that people who adopt a senior pet often get a much different level of satisfaction from the whole adoption experience.
  • Older pets have the physical and mental capability to pick up on new tricks quickly, unlike cute little ones. Since most senior dogs have taken major life changes in stride, that would mean they have the adaptability to experience new phenomena and make new friends and even learn new tricks.
  • A senior pet can still have plenty of healthy years to give as a loving companion. Most people would probably think that owning an older pet is “cheap”.  However, we know how important it is to ensure that older pets receive regular Naples senior pet health care.   They also need to have their Naples veterinarian provide dental care and preventative care such as blood work. It is suggested to do this as regular as possible to make sure that our senior pets will live longer and happier.
  • Older cats and dogs are more likely to learn how to get along with others already. That would mean they would get to bond with their new family quicker, making them one of the best companion ever.

With all the challenges and difficulties senior pets are experiencing from day to day, wouldn’t it be nice to know that there are people like you who are willing to adopt them and give them tender loving care they rightfully deserved? Go on and adopt a senior pet today and experience how wonderful it is to save a life that has been turned away from them.

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