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Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Dog

Don’t Add to the Problem of Homeless Pets in Naples

Homeless animals are present in every community and in every state. According to statistics, every year about 6 to 8 million homeless animals enter the animal shelters. Less than half of these animals get adopted and the rest get euthanized. It is quite tragic especially when one realizes that these were healthy pets who could have made good companions.

Spay or Neuter Your Pets Naples FL

The numbers for homeless animals vary from state to state. The numbers are as high as 300,000 in some states, for the homeless animals which get euthanized in the animal shelters each year. They are not offspring of the street animals who have no homes. They are kittens and puppies of the family pets and some are even purebreds.

It is surprising for many people that across the nation about 2.7 million of healthy dogs and cats which can be adopted get euthanized in the shelters every year. The only method of birth control for cats and dogs, which is permanent and 100% effective is spay or neuter.

This is not taking place somewhere else.  It is happening right here in our own backyard every month.  In July, 2015 for instance, Collier County DAS (Domestic Animal Services) took in 517 animals, but had to euthanize 157.  Homeless animals are very much a part of our community. It is important to spay or neuter pets to reduce pet euthanasia in Naples FL.

It is an important decision for the owners to get their pets spay or neutered, but it is one of the best decisions which you can make for the long term welfare of your pet.

The surgery not only prevents the unwanted puppies and kittens, but it also has a number of other advantages.

When a female is spayed before the first heat, chance of her getting the cancer of mammary gland is almost zero. The chance increases to 7% after first heat and 25% after second heat. Even after a lot of time of first or second heat, spaying can still reduce the risk.

Pyometra, which is a common infection of uterus, is prevented by spaying. The infection can be life-threatening. Typically, the middle aged females get this infection, approximately 6 weeks after heat cycle. Emergency spay is the treatment for this infection.

Some cancers of anus and testicles are prevented by neutering. It also helps to prevent significant problems of prostate in the males.

A great thing is that after getting neutered, the male pups turn into the pillars of community from the juvenile delinquents. Without the testosterone jamming their brains, the males are much less aggressive, they are less likely to roam and also they are less likely to hump and mark. You might still see such behavior but it will be much reduced.

There is a myth that it will send the female dogs in to menopause. Well dogs never go in to menopause.

When should you spay or neuter your dog?

After the age of eight weeks, puppies can be neutered or spayed any time. Sometimes people wait for dogs to become sexually mature, which is around age of six months sometimes, depending on breed.


The following things should be considered when scheduling surgery:


Whether you neuter early or not, functionally the dog will be same.

It is safer to do surgery when dog is young. But there is more risk of problems in smaller patients. These problems include hypoglycemia and hypothermia when anesthetized.

The immature immune system of the younger patients can be a concern in case post surgery infections or any other problems develop.

Do not put it off and think that you will be able to prevent your dog from romantic encounters. Mistakes (broken fences, open doors) happen, and the number of unwanted pets is already too much.