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More Reasons to Spay & Neuter Dogs and Cats in Naples FL

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Spay & Neuter Dogs and Cats in Naples FLMost pet owners in Naples know they should spay & neuter dogs and cats,  but do they ever consider why?

Population control is an important factor. Thousands of animals were euthanized last year,  many simply due to lack of available homes.  But what about the medical and behavioral reasons for spaying and neutering?

Intact male cats can begin spraying, marking their territory with urine.  This can be damaging to home furnishings and make the marked area smell strongly of urine. Unneutered male dogs and cats can also develop an interest in roaming away from home.  Many are injured by cars, other animals, or simply become lost.

Males of both species, after neutering, have a reduction in the size of the prostate gland, which greatly decreases their risk of bacterial infections and prostate cancer in later years.

Female dogs and cats may become expert escape artists.  Unspayed females are at risk of developing lethal urine infections and more likely to develop mammary (breast) tumors.

Puppies and kittens should have the procedure done by six months, although older pets can certainly benefit from spaying or neutering as well.

Spay & Neuter Dogs and Cats – Some Common Myths

Contrary to common belief, there is no need to wait up until your female pet has actually gone through a heat cycle to have her spayed. There are NO medical benefits in waiting in fact, it is much better for her later health to NOT go through a heat. Likewise, the chance of your pet becoming pregnant even during one heat cycle is good, and going through a pregnancy is costly to your pet and to you.

Another typical mistaken belief about spaying and neutering is that modified animals end up being fat. While it holds true that an animal’s metabolic process will certainly alter after the surgical treatment, weight problems results only because individuals overfeed and under workout their animals. You must monitor the weight of recently changed animals and adjust their diet plans and exercise to preserve ideal weight and physical fitness.

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