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Pet Nutritional Counseling

A correct diet can add up to two years to a pet’s life, while an inappropriate diet plan can subtract five to seven years. Pet obesity is a growing issue that puts the health of your dog or cat at risk. Obesity contributes to a host of pet health conditions including osteoarthritis, diabetes, hypertension, breathing issues, kidney and cardiovascular disease, and a shortened life span. Town & Country Animal Hospital’s veterinarians have the training and experience with pet nutrition and are committed to helping pet owners sort through the large variety of available pet foods to find the one that is most suitable for their pet.

pet nutritional counseling Naples FLLike people, diet plan and nutrition is the structure of your pet’s health and durability; health and recovery all begin with food. We will help develop individual pet nutrition and wellness strategies to promote your pet’s ideal health, which may prevent illness from developing.

Any sudden change in your cat or dog’s eating routines or a sudden increase or decrease in weight could be symptomatic of numerous underlying diseases. A great balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is important for preserving your pet’s overall health.

Pet Nutritional Counseling

Whether your pet is a young puppy or kitten, an active adult, or a senior entering his golden years, excellent nutrition is the foundation for long-lasting pet wellness. There is a variety of pet foods offered on the marketplace today, which makes it difficult to pick the best food. It’s simple to end up being overwhelmed by the various claims on food labels and not know whether these claims are precise or can be trusted. That’s why our Naples FL Animal Hospital offers pet nutrition counseling and are available to create food recommendations for your pet’s specific health needs.

If your pet has unique dietary needs due to food allergies or level of sensitivities, our animal clinic provides screening services. We can help you identify the troublesome food and develop a diet that supports your pet’s general health. These specialty foods are available at Town & Country Animal Hospital.

Food choices are not a matter of right or wrong, black or white. By understanding what is ideal and exactly what is not, we can make smart choices which at least take us ever more closer to the ideal. By assessing your pet’s history and present health conditions, we can help you in keeping your pet healthy and active. With all the pet food brands on the market, speak to our veterinarians about your pet’s unique nutritional needs.